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Home Building and Remodeling Trends of 2014


If you want to learn more about the home building trends of 2014, you should explore the options created by designers in the coming year. This year, the home building trends have changed to include numerous new design elements that are particularly appealing. Here are the latest trends that you need to know.

1. Purple is the Interior Color of 2014

Radiant orchid is supposed to be the color of the year, and it is showing up in every aspect of the home from accessories to wallpaper. Most designers are using the color to complement olive, turquoise, teal, deeper hunter greens, grays, and light yellows. Blues are also being used a lot to complement orchid in fabrics. Many designers are finding that purple is the color of the year.

2. Condo and Row Home Construction

Condo and row home construction is expected to be the rage in 2014. As more people are downsizing to prepare for an aging economy, row homes and condominiums are expected to be purchased more in the future. Single-family homes are also popular.

3. Trendy Kitchens 

Black countertops in granite and quartz are some of the more popular choices in trendy kitchens. Marble and light grey counters are popular and will provide some contrast in a room that includes complementary wall and tile colors.

4. New Shelving Designs 

Open shelves and glass-front cabinetry debuted in previous years, but they are still coveted in design in the new year. Frosted glass is popular and is considered very trendy. Copper and deep red colors are popular, but they often make the rooms feel smaller.

5. Construction Includes Space for Larger Refrigerators 

More homeowners want larger refrigerators because they want access to fresh food. This is why larger spaces are being left to accommodate those people on the fresh food craze. Stainless steel is the most commonly chosen finishes for refrigerators.

6. Spa-Like Baths

More bathrooms are being designed to resemble spas with glass tiles and modern appointments. Many of the showers are large enough for car to fit without any effort. Freestanding architectural tubs with cascading waterfall faucets are commonly integrated into spa-like bathrooms. Homeowners are excited about these rectangular bathtubs with clean lines and dark wood and stainless steel or brushed nickel accents.

7. Modern Architectural Design 

Modern architectural design with geometric shapes and large floor-to-ceiling windows are all the rage. These homes are particularly spectacular when atop a hill overlooking a city or a body of water.

If you explore the home building trends of 2014, you will love these ideas and trends. Incorporate some of these trends into the homes that you are designing, and you will enjoy your home more. Speak with a trendy architectural designer to find out more details about the latest trends.

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