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Are You Afraid to Sell Your Home?

Sellers look at their home and see all of the bad things going wrong. They are afraid that there is too much work needed to be done to their home for anyone to want to buy it. They do not have the hope towards the home that a prospective buyer would have.

The seller just sees the negative and fears his or her home being rejected by others. A seller may also have a fear of letting others walk through their home. The thought of having someone unknown walking through his or her home can be frightening to a seller.

Another fear is that the house will not bring what the seller needs to get from it.

Counter Measures to Take When Deciding to Sell

If you are the seller and you see the negative, take a step back and either fix the things that are worrying you or find out how much it will cost to repair those things. Have that list handy for your Realtor.


To get over the fear of strangers walking through your home, just realize that your Realtor will be there the entire time. Put what you don’t want seen away in a dresser or box somewhere.

Do not leave personal items of value lying out in the open. When a low offer is made, a seller needs to remember that he or she has the right to refuse and wait for another offer.

Finding Excuses Not to Sell

When sellers decide to put their home up for sale, have contacted a real estate office to handle the sale, and signed the agreement to sell their home, most people would assume that they are now ready to sell their home.

Then the problems begin to present themselves. The seller puts off little things that may need fixed on the property, upkeep on the home is no longer being maintained, and the home is not being presentable when prospective buyers come to view it. These are just a few of the things that a seller will do subconsciously in order to prevent the sale of their home.

Letting Go of Excuses

The seller needs to remain focused on why they decided to sell in the first place. Fixing the items needing fixed will help raise the value of the home. Upkeep needs to be maintained at all times. The seller needs to know that offers will reflect the need of those items to being done.

A home in move in condition will bring in higher offers than one in need of work. Leaving dishes in a sink, dirty clothes thrown around, and trash in need of being taken out are also reason that prospective buyers will offer less on a home.

The condition a home is shown in is how a prospective buyer sees the home being left in when the seller moves out. Always clean up and make your home presentable.

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