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Agent Spotlight: Jane Ward

Q: How did you get started in the real estate business and what motivated you to join the industry?

A: My start in the real estate business was in California working for a wholesale mortgage company, who also had a retail real estate department with emphasis on new home tracts in Southern California’s Orange County.  In CA, if you are involved in mortgage origination or residential real estate, a real estate license is required.  Both experiences were invaluable to be.  The longer I remained in real estate, the more it seemed to be a good fit for me, since I liked working with clients, listening to them, then finding a home.  Their excitement was motivating.

Jane Ward


Q: What drew you to the Asheville area?

A: The mountains of Asheville, the gentle seasons, the smaller population and not being too far South in the Southeast were the most enticing reasons to be here.  I did not work for the first year, yet did study for and earned my real estate license.  I had worked or been in school since age 17, so taking the lengthy time off was not a good choice, too many long days.

Q: What are some of your ambitions or goals to achieve in the real estate industry?

A: My goal is to have a constant supply of 25 well-priced listings.

Q: Are there any real estate myths you feel should be debunked and passed along to your community?

A: Many people not involved in real estate think this job is easy…just show up for the closing, get paid and drive away in your paid for Mercedes.  Those same people probably believe we are employed by our respective brokerages, therefore have a salary.  Should we educate our clients?   No.  They really don’t care.  They simply want us to take care of them, I feel I am good at that and happy to LISTEN and help.  In turn, they will tell their friends and family about me.  What’s better than that?

Q: When you’re not navigating the world of real estate, what do you enjoy doing in your downtime?

A: During my downtime, I sing every week in community choirs; often times asked to solo.  It’s the time I can actually forget about real estate.  Plus I love coming home to my little dog, Molly, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for my good friends.  They are priceless gifts to me.


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