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10 Home Improvement Resolutions for the New Year

If you’re a homeowner looking to sell your home in 2014, the new year is the perfect time to resolve to make a few improvements that will raise the market value of your property and help you sell your home faster. Not every upgrade pays off, however. The best projects are those that offer a great return on your investment. The following ten home improvements fit the bill.

1. Curb Appeal

Don’t allow potential buyers to be turned off by the initial view of your home. Resolve to keep the landscape scrupulously trimmed and manicured until that “Sold!” sign appears on your front lawn.

2. First Impressions

Once your front yard passes inspection, a buyer’s eyes will be drawn to your front door. Replace unsightly doors with a wood-looking steel model to ensure a great first impression. Front door replacements offer a stellar ROI. You can expect to recover more than the full price of the installation when you sell your home.

3. A Fresh Coat of Paint

Homebuyers try to picture themselves at home as they tour a property, but that’s hard to do when a wall is painted in a color they don’t like. Paint is a cost-effective home improvement when you keep the colors neutral.

4. Let There Be Light

Nothing discourages a buyer faster than a dark and dreary environment. Put high-wattage bulbs in fixtures in places like closets, basements and hallways to brighten up the space. Replace generic overhead fixtures with eye-catching models.

5. Modern Kitchen Appliances

After the first glance around your home’s interior, homebuyers typically make a beeline to the kitchen to check out the appliances. Modern, energy-saving appliances are necessary. If replacing outdated appliances, you can expect to recoup the cost when your home sells.

via blog.websteronline.com6. Banish Clutter

A room crowded with furniture and clutter looks small and cramped. Consider renting a storage unit to store personal mementos and excess furnishings so you can present a clean, uncluttered and depersonalized look to potential buyers.

7. Storage Solutions

Buyers want their new home to remain clutter-free as well. Studies show that homebuyers are willing to pay more for a home that includes storage solutions like walk-in closets, under-stair cupboards and built-in storage in entrances.

8. Square Footage

If you’re considering investing in a major home improvement like a remodel, projects that increase your home’s square footage are a good option. The rooms that buyers are willing to pay the most for are remodeled basements and in-law suites.

9. Comfort Concerns

Home improvements aren’t all about looks and style. Buyers want to ensure that they’re comfortable in their new home too. Upgraded heating and cooling systems offer a great ROI.

10. Outdoor Living

Outdoor living spaces extend a home’s overall square footage. A wood or composite deck not only adds visual appeal to your property but offers a good ROI as well.

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